Chin Surgery: Chin Augmentation/Reduction


What is it?

Chin augmentation/reduction surgery is used to correct a chin that is either too protruding, or too recessive.

At What age?

This procedure should ideally be considered only at the end of the bone-growth period, which is around 17 years of age. 

Procedure and Technique

The treatment of a recessive chin involves a silicone implant, or grafting of bone from another part of the body. To correct an over-prominent chin, a strip of bone may be removed from the bone structure. Lab examinations and X-Rays precede all treatment procedures.


After surgery, the patient may have a temporary swelling in the chin area. This will fade away in a few days. The sutures are made of absorbable material; hence the body will naturally degrade and absorb the suture material in time. Recovery treatment frequently includes prescription antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications and mouthwash.


The results of this procedure have been consistently excellent, and are clearly visible after a few weeks after surgery. Since the incisions are always made via the mouth, there will be no visible scarring.

Double chin correction

What is it?

It is a treatment that can reshape the chin using Lipostructure. Lipostructure is a powerful suction technique used for the removal of fat deposits on the face or other parts of the body. During Lipostructure (ultrasonic or conventional), excess fat is sucked out via very fine cannulae, through tiny incisions made in the folds of the skin. The specific method used would depend upon the skin quality and the localization of fat.


This procedure can be performed as an outpatient procedure, and does not require any hospitalization, except in cases of undue pain or other complications. A compression bandage is sometimes applied post-surgery. The surgical incisions are quite small, and the sutures are of absorbable material, and are naturally degraded and absorbed by the body over time.


Results are tangible after about two months, and the effects of the treatment last long. Advancements in Lipostructure technology, especially the usage of fine cannulae in the procedure, has made it possible to obtain amazing results in treatment of some very sensitive areas like the lower cheeks and the jaw line.





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