Facial surgery: Lips


Lip Augmentation

What is it?

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure used to eliminate wrinkles on the lips as well as to plump up the size of the lips. This is a procedure performed via injections, in a single sitting, under local anesthesia.

Of all the options available currently - hyaluronic acid injection is the most popular one. Hyaluronic acid is a product made out of natural components of the dermis itself, and is very effective in treating lip wrinkles. These injections have effects that last anything between 6 – 12 months, depending on the individual patients, the viscosity of the product, and the total number of times the procedure has already been performed on the patient. The product to be injected is usually chosen during the consultations, after careful consideration of several parameters like skin thickness, total volume required to be injected etc.,

Lip Reduction

What is it?

This is a procedure used to correct excessively thick or droopy lips. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, with a single incision running along the free edge of the vermillion of the lips. The scar heals in a few months and becomes virtually invisible.

Treatment of Lip-wrinkles

What is it?

Treatment of perioral wrinkles (the fine vertical lines on the upper lip, or the wrinkles around the mouth), or the nose-wrinkles (lines between the cheek and the nose), or the bitterness-wrinkles (between the cheek and the chin), all involve injections. There are several options available, and they all vary in their degree of absorbability.

For very deep wrinkles, the surgeon may possibly recommend mechanical or laser dermabrasion procedures, through which some really excellent results can be achieved.

In both the above cases, the healing period ranges between 8-15 days, during which a visible crust forms over the treated area. For about 1-2 months after treatment, the lips remain pinkish and pale, but this condition can be easily concealed with judicious use of make-up.




What is it?

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