Patient stories


Mme Agnès R. (Boulogne 92)

I’ve consulted Mr Dr Dany GZAIEL for rhinoplasty. He explained me the procedure and responded to all questions. I’m very satisfied whti the result. !the operation has passed very well.

Mme Maryse M. ( Paris 16ème)

I had for a very long time a hump on the nose and the tip of the nose that I felt to be too long. I didn't like my face in the mirror and I saw that the bump and the horrible tip of nose. I have repeatedly seen Dr. Gzaiel which explained me the technique employed and a photo simulation. The intervention has given me the satisfaction and I am delighted to look me with pleasure in the mirror. My only regret is to have not done it earlier.


Ms. Anne y. (78)

For several years, I was complexed by my chest that I felt too small. After me document on the subject, I came to see Dr. Dany GZAIEL who suggested me breast implants that are best to my body and my silhouette. The intervention went well and after a few days I could resume my activities and implement even me swimsuit, free of the complex.


Ms. Hélène d. (93)

Following a car accident, I had a fracture of the nose with displacement that hampered me much. After seeing Dr. Gzaiel on several occasions to explain and talk together, I took the decision to operate to improve my condition. The intervention was a success and I am very happy.


Mrs. Françoise P. (94)

I have very regularly; every three or four months consult Dr. Dany GZAIEL for Botox injections. The treatment is done in consultation and it is virtually painless. These injections fill my wrinkles and give me a more young and natural air.


Ms. Laetitia d. (Paris 16th)

Following a dog bite very deep in the right leg, I have the surgical treatment of the scar. Dr. GZAIEL conducted in two operating time 10 months apart to reduce the scars. The result is beyond my expectations and I am more obliged to wear pants to hide my legs. I can again put the dresses and dress as I hope.


Ms. Josiane b. (Paris 15)

My 13 year old son suffered from having believed ears, with all his schoolmates who mocked him. After looking for a solution that could not only be surgical, Dr. GZAIEL practiced a simple intervention is very well from, during the school holidays. The result is excellent and my child is now "like the others" no one does mocks him at the school where he goes every day

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